New Building

Our New Building

Computer generated view of the new building from the gate

Planning permission has been granted for a new building within the churchyard. These computer generated images show how the building will look when viewed from the churchyard gate and from the church porch. Click on them to see larger versions.

Full details of the design of the building, landscaping of the churchyard and streetscene views can be found in the planning statement.

The new building will allow the church to cater for its existing members, young and old, and to expand its reach within the community.

We are raising funds for the project through the Building For the Future Campaign. Computer generated view of the new building from the porch

St John’s church was built to cater for residents as part of Reigate parish in 1840 and became a stand-alone parish in 1844. A second major phase of development took place in 1889, led by eminent architet John Loughborough Pearson.

Today it continues to have a thriving congregation, made up of people of all ages, with many families and serves many purposes for its residents, from weekly church services, baptisms and weddings to hosting carol services for local schools.

To continue growing in the future we need our own on-site space for:

  • Welcoming all in the community to church-related activities, including the disabled and elderly.
  • Children’s and young people’s groups to meet on a Sunday in a purpose-built facility. At present they are spread to different places on Sunday mornings.
  • Church-related groups to meet during the week.
  • Adequate rehearsal space for our wonderful music.
  • Providing a secure storage space for church equipment.
  • A church office.
  • Church events such as fairs, harvest suppers and entertainment.
  • Modern and accessible toilet facilities for us and which would make the church more attractive as a venue (eg as a concert venue or for post-baptisms, deaths, marriages, confirmations).